Our customers benefit from:

  • Fuel security with global supply chain optionality
  • Top quality fuels at the lowest cost
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden charges and flexible payment terms
  • A team of experienced Territory Managers to provide help and advice
  • A choice of retail brands to best suit your business
  • 24/7 customer support from our local team.

The offer

We will work with you to understand what branded fuel offer is best for you and your business.


Developed specifically for the Canadian market, Breakaway is a visually distinctive and unique fuel brand that was inspired by Canada’s national game. With hockey elements throughout the forecourt and c-store, Breakaway is designed to drive traffic to your site.

Breakaway’s exclusive fuel grades also meet or exceed the highest Canadian fuel standards.

A regular fill-up becomes a special experience for kids, families and fans alike, with a portion of sales from every fuel purchase being used to support local minor hockey through the Breakaway to Play program.

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The Inver brand is bright and modern with a distinctive night image.
Dealer co-branding is available on the canopy and pole sign, creating a connection between your site and your local community.

Originally launched as a retail brand in Ireland in 2012 and acquired by Greenergy in 2017, Inver has quickly become the fastest growing retail brand in Ireland, and entered the Canadian market in 2019.

Backed by our low-cost and reliable fuel supply offer, Inver will differentiate your business from the competition.

Territory managers

Contact one of our territory managers to discuss what offer is best for your business.

Tim Johnson
Executive VP Sales


Virginia Bain
Account Manager


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